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This staff section was last updated on Friday, May 24, 2019 at 5:01 PM

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Start Date


SCCHK54339 Super live-in Housekeeper/Cook Somerset/Gloucestershire 1 month notices £450pwn+
SUPER Housekeeper/Cook in the Somerset/Gloucestershire area. Cleans to a high standard and has a real passion for cooking. She has catered for shoot lunches and dinner parties/events for up to 40 people! Can cook a variety of cuisines, 3 course meals, cakes and desserts. Looking for a full time Live-in job, 5 days per week and is happy to work weekends. She has a friendly persona and sweet disposition with great longevity in her previous roles. She is a driver, a non-smoker and is available with one months’ notice. Applicant ID: 165888.

SCCHK54309 Live-in Filipino Housekeeper/Nanny/Cook Flexible 1 month notice £550pwn+
Live-in Filipino Housekeeper/Nanny/Cook. She is a real all-rounder and can take care of cleaning, housekeeping, cooking, childcare and more! She can work independently or within a team of staff, and also has experience of travelling with her employers. She is a confident driver with her own car, and is really flexible with location. She is a loyal candidate and has demonstrated amazing longevity in her roles, she was with one employer for 11 years! She would like her next role to be long term and is available to start immediately. She is ideally looking for a salary upwards of £550 per week net and separate accommodation. Applicant ID: 76141.

SCCHK44161 Thai Housekeeper Essex June 2018 onwards £12 per hour net
Thai Housekeeper with excellent private service experience, looking for a live-out role. She has most recently been working in London but she is looking for a full-time role near to her home in Essex (near Brentwood). Looking to stay in her next role on a long term basis. She has very high standards of cleaning and is happy to help with any extra duties around the home. She is also a fabulous Thai cook and has previously held specialised Thai cooking classes! She is a driver with her own car. She is looking for £12 per hour net and is available to start a new role in June. Applicant ID

SCCHK44095 Accomplished British Housekeeper Newbury 4 weeks notice £400pwn+
A accomplished British Housekeeper with over 30 years' experience in private domestic service. She is professional, respectful, and able to turn her hands to all aspects of hands-on housework. She can also cook healthy meals to dinner party standard, assist with children, take on household and PA duties, and drive her employers. She is looking for separate accommodation, and would need to be accompanied by her very independent teenage daughter, who is able to muck-in on weekends. She can start a new role with four weeks’ notice, and is looking for upwards of £400 pwn. Must be based in or near to Newbury. Applicant ID:82680

SCCHK43890 Adaptable Live-out Housekeeper Gloucestershire 2 weeks notice £10-£12phn
A friendly, adaptable British housekeeper looking for a Live-out housekeeping role in the Gloucestershire area. She currently lives in Evesham, but is flexible to travel. She is a driver with her own car and a non-smoker. She is highly confident with daily duties such as light and deep cleaning, working with antiques and silver and just generally making sure homes are organised and in an immaculate condition. Can start at 2 weeks’ notice. Looking for £10-£12phn. Applicant ID: 69501

SCCHK43843 Super British Housekeeper Devon or Cornwall 1 months notice £500 pwn +
A highly experienced live-in Housekeeper who was in a previous position for twenty-five years! She is an accomplished all-rounder who can and has turned her hand to everything. She is a confident family cook who can also prepare dinner party standard food, and is trained in silver service. She is very child-friendly and would be delighted to take on any nanny duties including babysitting, proxy-parenting, helping with homework and organising activties. She can clean to a very high standard, care for delicate garments, polish silver, care for antiques and fine art, and manage wardrobes. She is accustomed to working as a member of a team, but is equally happy to work alone. She is a confident driver with her own car, currently based in Plymouth, and ideally looking to stay in the Devon/Cornwall region. She is open to travelling with a family and holds a British passport. She is computer literate, and happy to make online reservations, do grocery shopping, and help with household finances. She has previous experience house-sitting, pet-sitting and liaising with contractors as well. She has to give 1 months' notice, and is looking for a minimum salary of £30,000 per annum. Applicant ID: 76370

SCCHK33740 Junior House Manager/PA Flexible ASAP Flexible
She has spent 11 years' working on VIP luxury yachts in varying capacities, and is now looking to find a land-based position. She is self-motivated, flexible, highly adaptable and very accomplished. She has undertaken silver service training, and can turn her hand to anything: managing staff, discipling staff, organising events, liaising with contractors, glass/silver polishing, caring for delicate fabrics, wardrobe management, serving, security of a property, driving, grocery shopping, running errands, answering phones, meeting guests, cleaning and getting "hands on", mixology, flower arranging, car management, budgeting and more. She is computer literate, child and pet friendly, able to start immediately and has no dependents/pets. Ideally looking for a junior house manager position. Applicant ID: 62546

SCCHK23685 Live-in Cook/HK Flex ASAP £450 pwn +
Qualified Cook/HK in her 40's with over 20 years experience. She can take care of all domestic cleaning and housekeeping duties as well as cooking healthy fresh food daily and at large dinner parties. She loves to cook, and has worked previously as a professional chef. She is very keen to use a kitchen garden and work with food produced locally and seasonally. She has also worked front of house in hospitality and has silver service experience. She enjoys being part of a household that has history and heritage, and has good experience with antiques and their conservation. She is now looking for a long term position to utilise her existing skills. She is looking for a salary of £400-£450 and is available immediately. Applicant ID: 77000

SCCHK13679 Housekeeper/Cook Anywhere between Chippenham and Tetbury ASAP £12 net per hour (neg depending on duties)
Brilliant British Cook/Housekeeper is seeking full time daily/Live-in position between Chippenham and Tetbury. She has over 20 years experience in private service, including supervising staff, accounting, stock control, distribution of wages as well as hands on housekeeping and being a very confident dinner party standard cook! Lovely and cheerful lady, with no dependants comes highly recommended by her previous employers of 6 years! Applicant ID: 74996

Gluten Free Cook / housekeeper Scotland ASAP Negotiable depending on hours/days
A lovely cook/housekeeper whom we have previously placed since 2006. Candidate also has a lot of experience with children aged from 2 years - teens. Dedicated and reliable with excellent references. Candidate has also ran her own gluten free cooking range. Looking for a live in cook/housekeeper position in Scotland. Available ASAP. Applicant ID: 79577

SCCHK3481 Nepalese Housekeeper/Nanny Reading, Berkshire daily or Live in Country ASAP £500 pwn +
A wonderful Nepalese housekeeper with longevity on her CV. She has been in her current housekeeping position for 7 years. Looking for another long term position ideally as a nanny/Housekeeper. Daily in Reading or Live-in in the country. Proficient in all areas of housekeeping, including wardrobe management; silver polishing and caring for antiques. Candidate is looking for £450-£500 per week net depending on the position. Applicant ID: 75307

SCCHK3454 Filipino Housekeeper/Nanny/Cook Flexible 2 weeks notice £500 pwn +
A mature, Filipino candidate with excellent long term experience working within private homes. She is happy to undertake any housekeeping, family cooking and childcare. She has experience caring for antiques and delicate items including silverware. A bright, organised candidate who enjoys being busy, she is very pet friendly and has previously cared for horses. Available with 2 weeks' notice. Applicant ID: 69995

SCCHK3398 Housekeeper or Housekeeper/Cook UK ASAP £Negotiable depending on position
An experienced Live in housekeeper seeking a housekeeping position with separate accommodation. Candidate has a background in nursing and 14 years private housekeeping experience. She is very hands on and competent in all areas of housekeeping. This includes laundering clothes, ironing to a high standard, care of fine furnishings, cleaning to a high standard, serving and laying tables. Candidate also enjoys cooking and can cater for vegetarian and gluten free if desired. Candidate is a family style seasonal cook (using locally sourced produce if available) with the ability to cater for 8+ people. She is available ASAP. Candidate is accompanied by her spouse. Applicant ID: 84296

SCCHK3397 Live in Housekeeper / cook Berkshire / Surrey / Flex ASAP £Negotiable depending on position
Candidate is a very thorough housekeeper with an eye for detail. She is experienced in all areas of housekeeping including laundry, ironing, wardrobe management, cleaning expensive furniture and antiques. Candidate is computer literate and is happy dealing with contractors, working with other staff or as an individual. Candidate takes pride in her work and really enjoys it. She is a competent family cook and has cooked for up to 13 in the past. Candidate does have a well behaved dog who is good with cats and other dogs that will be coming with her. She is looking for a live in position in Berkshire or Surrey but is very flexible. Applicant ID: 81316

SCCHK3366 Daily or Live in Housekeeper Cheltenham area daily / Flexible live in ASAP £12 per hour net
An extremely experienced housekeeper with extensive knowledge of fine art/furnishings/fabrics/antiques/glass and stainless steel. Candidate enjoys light cleaning or deep cleaning and is happy using organic products if required. Candidate has an eye for detail and takes pride in her work. She has previously worked in shooting estates and long term at a National Trust Castle. Candidate is happy to manage other staff, work as part of a team or on her own. She is looking for a daily position around Cheltenham or Live in with separate accommodation and ideally a garden. Candidate is happy outside of the house too if needed – mowing lawns, care of herbaceous borders and general garden maintenance. She is looking for a salary of £12phn and is available ASAP Applicant ID: 72881

SCCHK3365 Nanny/Housekeeper Swindon - 1hr surrounding commute 1 weeks notice £10-£12phn depending on duties/position
Candidate is a very versatile housekeeper who can take her hand to anything. She is extremely organised and has very high standards and attention to detail. She is currently working part time and is eager to find a full time busy position. Candidate is experienced in all areas of housekeeping, including deep cleaning, care of delicate furnishings and fabrics. She also has experience working in households with older children. Candidate is a good family cook and is happy cooking for 5 people. Candidate is looking for 5 days a week with 2 consecutive days off in the Swindon area, she is happy to commute up to an hour. She is available with 1 weeks’ notice. Applicant ID: 69393

SCCHK3344 Efficient Discreet Housekeeper Countryside 1 months notice £450 pwn +
An exceptional organised, professional and versatile housekeeper with 9 years' experience working in private households. A driver and non-smoker looking for a live in position in the country. Candidate has experience with wardrobe management, care of delicate clothing and fine furnishings. She is happy to manage other staff, as part of a team or a an individual. Candidate has to give 1 months notice and is looking for separate accommodation and will be bringing her well trained dog with her. Applicant ID: 77818

SCCHK3041 Head Housekeeper Surrey or London 1 months notice £650 pwn +
26 year old, Romanian, Live-in Head Housekeeper now looking for a position to commit to long-term. She is an extremely hardworking, diligent and creative individual. Experienced in looking after wardrobe rotation, delicate items of clothing, managing other staff and looking after the home, she would be an excellent asset to any household. She holds a full driving licence and is available with 1 months’ notice. Ideally looking for separate accommodation or accommodation shared with staff members, and a salary of £650pwn. Applicant ID: 64569

SCCHK2976 Scottish Cook Housekeeper Countryside 1 months notice £Negotiable depending on position
A mature Live-in cook Housekeeper who is now seeking her next long-term position. Ideally looking for the countryside and who is happy to manage other staff members. She has experience of catering for dinner parties and has attended various cookery courses to enhance her skills. She is open to days and hours but would prefer a Monday - Friday position. Applicant ID: 64648

SCCHK2430 British Housekeeper Somerset ASAP £10 per hour net
British Housekeeper seeking a Part-time role in the Somerset area. She has over 3 years experience working for her last employer as a private Housekeeper, undertaking duties such as all cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking, table service and childcare. Prior to this, she worked as a Nanny. She holds a full driving licence and is available ASAP with a salary expectation on £10 per hour net. Applicant ID: 74698

Email CountryStaff@imperialstaff.com or call +44 (0) 1225 484190 for further details.





Start Date


CSCCCC54454 Professional South African Chauffeur/CPO Cambridge 1 Months Notice £55kpa
An adaptable and extremely professional South African chauffeur/CPO with 5 years of private experience. Prior to this they completed an initial Police Learning & Development programme, worked as a firefighter and served in the army, leaving with an utterly excellent reference. Able to work well under pressure and is very punctual, ensuring that the principals are always on time, safe and secure. Capable of all chauffeur/CPO duties such as maintaining vehicles and carrying out vehicle administration duties, this candidate also holds a certificate in advanced defensive driving/chauffeuring. Child friendly and is now looking for their next long term opportunity at £55kpa for 5 days a week or or £65kpa for 6 days a week. Ref Num: 167443.

CSCCCC54453 Hardworking House Manager/PA Gloucestershire ASAP Negotiable
A well-mannered, polite and hardworking House Manager/PA with 10 years of experience working within private households for high profile families. Enjoys overseeing the day-to-day tasks that ensure the smooth running of a busy household and performs all duties to the highest of standards. Also has years of experience within property development so is capable of assisting with projects and renovations. Able to work solely or as part of a team, child-friendly, a driver and is now looking for their next long term opportunity. Ref Num: 167559.

CSCCCC54451 Nepalese Chauffeur Berkshire 2 Months Notice £35kpa
A lovely Nepalese Chauffeur who speaks good English and fluent Hindi and Nepalese. Very polite and well presented with a great deal of experience as a professional Chauffeur, taking the Principle to meetings or airport runs and transporting the lady of the house and the children as needed. Can also help with handyman type tasks, light gardening and is happy to run errands and care for pets. Has also been tasked with house sitting/security when the family are away. Looking for a full-time live-in opportunity as their current family are moving away. Has 2 months notice to give and is looking for a salary of £35kpa. Ref Num: 78716.

CSCCCC54450 Gardener/All-Rounder/Handyman/Driver Oxfordshire ASAP £25-£35kpa
A really lovely candidate, British born and very personable and friendly. Has worked on a family estate where they can offer their services managing gardening, not trained in horticulture but has great knowledge of managing formal lawns, cutting grass, weeding, pruning shrubs, caring for greenhouses, vegetable gardens and woodland areas. Also a confident driver in the UK and Europe, maintaining servicing, MOTs and keeping cars clean and tidy as needed. General maintenance and handyman tasks or all types, Was previously a general builder so is very happy to help maintain properties and boundaries as required. Currently offers security with their current clients when they travel, and keeps a close eye on the property and its grounds. Also cares for clients dogs when they are away travelling as well. A lovely all-rounder, ready and engaged to take on a new role where they can offer their experience. Although in their later years you can see immediately that they are fit and healthy and used to manual outdoor work, which they really love doing. Will be a great addition to any family or team. Looking for a live in role offering £25-£35kpa. Is married and also has a small well behaved dog. Ref Num: 78635.

CSCCCC54449 Lovely Gardener/Handyman Oxfordshire 1 Weeks Notice £25-£30kpa
A lovely British all-rounder. Loves Gardening and has great knowledge. More than happy to drive and care for cars and help with handyman type tasks within their means or secure contractors as required. Looking for £25k plus for la live-in role (pref) or £30kplus for a daily role. Only has 1 weeks notice to give at present and would prefer to be in the South of the country if at all possible. Ref Num: 164084.

CSCCCC54243 Super All-Rounder Estate Manager Oxfordshire & Gloucester 4 weeks notice £50kpa min
Truly lovely candaite, originally from Slovakia but resident in the UK for 35yrs, with a British passport. Worked for their previous client for over 7yrs and is now looking for a fresh challenge since the family home is being sold. A superb all-rounder with excellent experience. Happy to cook/serve at dinner parties, arrange events, drive throughout the UK or abroad, Butler duties serving guests and looking after their principles, maintain grounds (mowing, strimming, weeding, hedge cutting, veg gardens), handyman duties, managing and training staff, paying bills, budget management, organising contractors and general maintenance, running errands, restocking of food and drink, pet care, PA duties, travelling, cleaning, laundry duties and occasional babysitting. Speaks fluent English & Slovakian, good German and basic Russian, has a clean license and is ideally looking or a live in role for themselves and their partner, has no dependants. Salary requirements £50k plus starting with 4 weeks notice. Ref Num: 78637.

CSCCCC44093 Professional & Experienced House Manager Wiltshire 1 month notice £35kgpa
A professional and experienced British House Manager with over 15 years experience looking for a new position. Remarkable eye for detail, great experience with staff, a wonderful sense of humour and really does know how to manage a home or private estate, even a Castle! Comes with fantastic references and is looking for a long term, live in, rural, House Manager position where they can use all their skills and experience to create a smooth running home/estate that a family can truly enjoy. Has 1 months notice to give and is looking for £35kpa. Will be looking to bring their retired partner and a very small, well behaved dog. Ref Num: 71721.

CSCCCC43941 Top Quality Chef Somerset ASAP £52kpa
A really lovely Australian/British Chef who is looking to for a permanent, full time, 5 day a week role in the UK with a salary of £52kpa. A great personality, sense of humour and a flexible attitude. Ideally would like to be based in Somerset but is happy to work anywhere in the UK on a live-in basis whilst working. A highly competent and qualified Chef who has worked all over the world in private homes, holiday chalets, private jets and yachts. Loves working for clients that love food and like to have fun with it. Also happy to provide fine dining, cater for dinner parties or run a BBQ. Great references, totally diverse and ready to go with only 1 weeks’ notice. Definitely worth an interview! Ref Num: 69741.

CSCCCC43856 Hardworking, Professional and Discreet worker Somerset ASAP Negotiable
A hardworking, professional and discreet worker looking for a Chauffeur/Handyman position within the Somerset area. Currently works for a VIP client and has been in the role since 2012 working as a Chauffeur and part-security, making sure their client is safe and presented to events on time. Our candidate has also experience within the Royal Navy serving for 11 years. Thoroughly enjoys working with cars and is an advanced driver themselves. Our candidate is looking for a live-out position, and is looking for another long term role! Ref Num: 74965.

CSCCCC33771 Exclusive Man Friday Flexible ASAP Negotiable
Mature candidate looking for a position as a ‘Man Friday’ to help potential clients with their daily duties. Candidate is confident taking on duties such as personal helicopter transfers as an experienced pilot including all travel arrangements, helping with golfing and other hospitality measures. Has a high level of service and discretion with an attentive personality. Also very loyal and resourceful. Our candidate has experience as a golf professional and landscape design and development as well as hosting events and maintaining executive cars. Looking for a role in the UK or Overseas. ASAP start with a negotiable salary. Ref Num: 69551.

CSCCCC3651 Experienced and Kind Gardener Gloucestershire ASAP Negotiable
40 years garden practical experience – 20 years on private estates and 20 self employed. Organic gardening, natural pest control, composting. Head gardener for 10 years. Deputy head at Highgrove for 8 years Woodland tree management, tree care with chain saw certificate. Fruit tree and orchards management. Spraying certificate organic and non-organic if required. Swimming pool maintenance. Care of dogs, feeding and walking. Car washing, Clean driving license and driving to airports etc. Alarms, security experience. Excellent references. All available and provided. Computer literate with word processing knowledge. In excellent health. Hobbies . Bee keeper and enjoy dancing, walking. Reference number: 60641.

Candidates - Couples
Email CountryStaff@imperialstaff.com or call +44 (0) 1225 484190 for further details.





Start Date


SCCCO54420 Committed Portuguese Couple Countryside 1 months notice £850pwn+
Amazing Portuguese couple with super longevity in their domestic couples positions! He is a knowledgeable gardener taking care of formal and informal gardens and assisting at shoot parties. Along with this he will help with maintenance on tennis courts, pools and inside the home. She loves to cook and has catered for large dinner parties and shoots. She is also a competent housekeeper taking on all duties required. They have no pets or dependents and have one months notice. Applicant ID: 167057

SCCCO54419 Estate Maintenance & Housekeeper Couple South West 1 months notice £700pwn+
Devon based couple. This are looking for a long term couples position within the South West. They are working as a housekeeper and estate maintenance man, carrying out all general housekeeping, laundry and occasional cooking/baking, repairs, maintenance, gardening and security. They are both drivers and pet friendly and have a small dog to accompany them. Available with a months’ notice. Applicant ID: 164687

SCCCO54410 Portuguese Discreet Couple London, Overseas, Country 1 months notice £1000pwn min
Experienced, professional domestic Portuguese couple! Highly motivated and honest. They have worked for HNW and VIP employers alike and follow through with duties in a discreet yet expert way. He is a competent driver with excellent driving knowledge of London. With a flexible attitude he is happy with any houseman, maintenance, basic gardening and security duties. She excels as a housekeeper, she has superb previous experience as a “hands on” house manager in a VIP home and comes recommended for her organised and proactive approach. She is also a super Mediterranean style cook who is more than happy to help with dinner parties although she has not catered for parties in previous roles. Looking for £1000pwn minimum with one months notice. Applicant ID: 167026

SCCCO54407 Bright & Personable Couple South/South West Short notice £850pwn+
Super bright, bubbly, personable and experienced young couple. Looking for a position in the South/South West as a housekeeper/cook/childcare & gardener/maintenance. This couple have a lot to offer to an employer. They are both healthy and fit, and non-smokers and both have clean driving licenses. She has a strong eye for detail and finds housekeeping rewarding. She is happy with household cooking and serving at dinner parties. He is a highly skilled gardener. He has a chainsaw license and has worked on shooting estates. With this he can assist with maintenance, basic plumbing and pruning. Available with short notice looking for a minimum of £850pwn deepening on the position. Applicant ID: 166983

SCCCO54399 Bright Couple South West April/June 2019 £900pwn+
Bright, capable and loyal domestic couple looking for a change after 10 years with their current employer. Both work really well as a “hands on” team inside or outside the home and have a very positive, proactive attitude. Drivers, they come recommended and have no dependants just a well behaved dog. Applicant ID: 166730

SCCCO54391 Collaborative Couple home counties, Cornwall or Scotland 1 month notice £50,000gpa +
Gardener/maintenance & housekeeper couple. A couple who are a great team are searching for a new long term position where they can settle in areas such as home counties, Cornwall or Scotland (if not too rural). They are both drivers with clean license and live a healthy lifestyle. He is very practical with maintenance, management and gardening and she is an all rounder and a qualified teacher. She is a good family cook and a good organiser. They have one months notice. Applicant ID:166713

SCCCO54386 All Rounder Couple South East 1 months notice £800pwn+
British couple with over 14 years experience in private households, country and animal loving, skilled in most inside and out side tasks, including DIY, gardening,driving,tractors,chainsaws and most garden machinery, inside they have looked after antiques and fine furniture, all laundry including delicates, cooking for small dinner parties, childcare and animal care. Looking for a long term permanent position in the South East and salary £800+ net pw. Applicant ID: 70435.

SCCCO54384 Positive, "can do" couple Within 2 hours of London 2 weeks notice £700pwn+
Flexible, positive and “can do” Czech couple with over 3 years’ experience in private service working as hands on housekeeper, nanny, family cook & maintenance gardener. Both have excellent English, great references and a flexible attitude to any duties required. He is an experienced driver with a clean licence (She is a non-driver). Both love animals - He looked after 3 horses in their previous post. They have no pets of their own but a position with animals would definitely be a bonus for them. They are free to start a new position from March 2019. Applicant ID: 166653

SCCCO54378 Recommended Couple Flexible 2-4 weeks notice £900pwn+
Presentable, friendly and experience couple looking for a position within the UK. They are both drivers with clean licences and have no pets and grown up child. He is a butler/chef and ‘man Friday’, taking on a variety of roles to help employers. She is a great ladies maid with super organisational skills, working with wardrobe management and general housekeeping. They have worked in private service for over 10 years and come highly recommended. Applicant ID: 72955.

SCCCO54353 Experienced & Flexible Couple Oxford, Glos & Wilts 1 months notice from £55kgpa
Experienced and flexible Head gardener and Housekeeper couple looking for a long term role together. She is a super competent housekeeper who is a family cook, loves children and has experience with silver service, pet care and driving. He is a knowledgeable and passionate gardener. He has experience with large machinery and all general maintenance work such as basic DIY care of swimming pools and tennis courts. They have previously worked on Shooting Estates and have shot gun licences. Both are confident drivers and animal lovers with their own dog to accompany them. They are available with short notice. Applicant ID: 164163

SCCCO54352 Enthusiastic Couple Berkshire & Surrounding 1 months notice Negotiable
A great young couple looking for a new challenge in and around Berkshire. They have been in their current position for almost 6 years. Ideally looking for part-time housekeeping and full time gardening/handyman work. The couple speak perfect English and would fit well into any household. They have no pets and no dependants. Applicant ID: 164769

SCCCO54351 Placeable Domestic Couple South West 1 month notice from £50kgpa
Very lovely and placeable housekeeper/family cook & maintenance/gardening couple. Looking for a long term position in the south west. Both are confident drivers and have a small dog to accompany them. This couple have a months’ notice. Applicant ID: 164752

SCCCO54350 Impressive Couple Flexible 1 months notices £800pwn+
Impressive male couple who between them can cover all duties. Both are looking for a long term role in either Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and home counties. Both are drivers and as a team can maintain large properties to a high standard. Well presented, discreet and personable, both come recommended and are available with one months’ notice. They have no pets or dependants to accompany. Applicant ID: 166016

SCCCO54308 Skilled & Flexible Couple South, London or surrounding 1 month notice £750pwn+
Skilled and flexible couple. Looking for a position in the South of the UK or London & surrounding areas. This couple can take on chauffeuring, maintenance and chef work along with housekeeping and wardrobe management. He is a trained chef and can cook for dinner parties, while she is a very good housekeeper with brilliant organisational skills. Both are drivers and non smokers and will help where needed. They are pro-active and very personable. Looking for a minimum of £750pwn (depending on the position). Applicant ID: 164496.

SCCCO54298 Estate Management & Housekeeping Couple London or surrounding 1 month notice £800pwn+
Estate Management/Gardening & Housekeeping couple. With almost 12 years in their past position, this couple are looking to take on another full time position in either London or the surrounding areas. They are a responsible and organised couple who are child and pet friendly and can adapt to a variety of duties such as cooking, childcare, flower arranging and maintenance. Both are drivers and can start a new position with a months notice. Applicant ID: 164452.

SCCCO54294 Brilliant Gardener & top Cook/Housekeeper Home Counties 2 months notice £850pwn +
Brilliant Gardener/Houseman & top Cook/Housekeeper couple! Highly recommended this couple are outstanding! Looking for a new long term position closer to family in Bucks. Anywhere around the Home Counties would be good - Berks, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hants, West Sussex. He is super gardener and extremely handy with maintenance DIY, general garden maintenance and driving. She is an amazing cook, cooking imaginative small family meals to wonderful dinner parties. She is also a hands on housekeeper too. Both are friendly, polite and well presented, both drivers and come accompanied by their 2 dogs. Looking for a minimum of £850 pwn depending on the positions. Applicant ID: 164394

SCCCO54292 Impressive Couple flexible throughout the UK 2 months notice £900pwn+
Impressive Brazilian couple with excellent all round experience looking after high profile families and large properties. Housekeeping, family cooking, general maintenance and childcare and help with pets/animals. He is a confident driver and she has driven extensively in the UK on an international licence but needs to take UK test. They are a positive, proactive and a hardworking couple with flexible “can do” attitude. No pets or dependents to accompany. Applicant ID: 70960

SCCCO54291 Practical Garden Enthusiast Couple Home Countries 1 month notice £700pwn+
Both are real garden enthusiasts and are a very practical couple. In their last role of over 5 years he was the Head Gardener looking after a very large garden that is open to the public, whilst she is the sole Housekeeper who also works in the garden for another employer. Both come highly recommended and have a very flexible attitude to any duties required. They are looking for a new long term position. Both are drivers, animal lovers they are accompanied by their well-behaved dog. Applicant ID: 164195

SCCCO54290 Outside & Inside British Couple South West Short notice £750pwn+
A professional British couple. Energetic and adaptable, they have been in their current position for just over 6 years, and are now looking for their next challenge. He is a good gardener who can turn his hand to organisational duties within the home. She is a super all-rounder housekeeper and simple cook who adores children. Both are drivers and pet friendly. Applicant ID: 83736.

SCCCO54289 Impressive Cook/Maintenance & Housekeeper Couple UK, coastal ideal 1 month notice £900pwn+
Impressive, professional British/South African couple who come recommended. He is a great self-taught cook who happily caters for dinner parties of 10-12 people if required. He can turn his hand to anything from general maintenance, DIY or gardening and like his partner, has a flexible “can do” attitude. She is used to all housekeeping duties, and is super organised to help with any PA duties also. She loves children and has attended nanny and maternity courses and helped with childcare in previous roles. Currently based in Belgium they are keen to return to the UK on a long term basis. Both are drivers and available to start a new position with a months’ notice. Applicant ID: 67712.

SCCCO54288 Quiet, skilled Couple Glos, Devon, Warwickshire, Oxon 1 month notice £750pwn+
Quietly spoken, hardworking British couple with lots of relevant skills to offer a future employer. He is great at all maintenance – in the garden and the home. He is used to handling and servicing machinery, painting and decorating, caring for livestock and pets as well as any driving. Both have clean driving licences. She is a thorough housekeeper and family cook who loves to be involved with children and will “muck in” wherever needed. Both can cover each others duties and work really well as a team. They come recommended. Applicant ID: 73111.

SCCCO54285 Professional & Personable Couple Somerset & Hants ASAP £900pwn+
A super experienced and highly recommended Portuguese couple. Available as soon as possible this couple are good to go. They have been in their previous position for 15 years offering a wide array of duties. He took care of most chauffeuring, butler, handyman and pet duties while she took care of housekeeping, cooking and working with children daily. Both are extremely child friendly, non-smokers and very personable and professional. They have 1 small dog who would accompany them. Looking for a salary of around £900pwn. Applicant ID: 70267

SCCCO54257 Smart and loyal couple Oxford, Wiltshire 1 month notice £800pwn+
A lovely and friendly domestic couple. Both British Citizens originally from St. Helena. They are hardworking, trustworthy and have no pets or young dependants. He is a confident driver and diverse when it comes to handyman and gardening duties. She is very efficient when it comes to housekeeping and cleaning taking care of homes, laundry and keeping things in order. They have a 1 month notice period and looking for a minimum of £800pwn. Applicant ID: 73112.

SCCCO54256 Friendly & personable couple Devon 1 month notice £800pwn+
Newly registered couple looking to re-locate on a long term basis to Devon. both are laid back but hardworking. Both have friendly personalities and a can do attitude. He specialises in Estate maintenance taking care of woodlands and gardens, helping with animals and dealing with contractors and holds many personal qualifications such as chainsaw certificates and loaders shotgun. She is hands on in the home and a confident cook, cooking family meals or for larger parties. She has a keen eye for detail and will be consistent in her work. Both are drivers and are happy to work with or around children. They have 3 dogs who they will also be looking to bring with them. Applicant ID: 78655.

SCCCO44056 Gurkha couple Flexible ASAP £800+pw net
Very sweet ex Gurkha couple looking for a new long term role together in private service. They can take care of all handyman and driving duties, gardening, cleaning, pet care and running errands. They have an excellent work ethic and no pets or dependents to accompany them. Flexible regarding location but would prefer closer to London ideally. Available for an immediate start looking for £800 per week net. Applicant ID: 82081.

SCCCO44013 Flexible hardworking Polish couple Somerset/Flex 1 months notice £750+pwn
Super flexible and hardworking Polish couple looking for a new role in private service. She is very organised and efficient, she takes care of all housekeeping duties and can also cook to dinner party standard. He is a knowledgeable gardener and studied gardening in Poland. He also has a background in engineering and is a confident driver. He loves horses and used to have his own. They both love all animals and have their own small dog to accompany. They are available to interview with short notice. Applicant ID: 62498.

SCCCO43953 Top Couple Country One months notice £850-£900pw net
Immaculate British couple with over 20 years’ experience working in private service including one role of 12 years. They have worked in formal and informal homes and between them cover everything from dinner party standard cooking, housekeeping, gardening, maintenance, DIY, basic plumbing/electrics etc etc. Both have full clean licences. Animal lovers they are happy with any pet care but have no pets of their own to accompany. They come highly recommended by previous employers and are wanting a long term post in the country (ideally Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire/Hants/Bucks/Surrey) with 2 bed accommodation. Applicant ID: 77483.

SCCCO43889 House Management couple Scotland/Country 1 months notice £850+pwn
Professional couple with strong work ethic and are looking for a new long term role. As hands-on House Managers, they lead by example and have seven years private service experience. With adult children and grandchildren they are happy to be involved with any childcare and both love pets. Both have full clean driving licences and are available with one months’ notice. They would ideally like to be based in Scotland or in the North but are flexible depending on the role. Applicant ID: 69503.

SCCCO43876 Super Couple Flex ASAP Neg
A super couple who currently reside in Spain. Between them they can take care of all Housekeeping, Cooking, Childcare, Handyman duties, Garden maintenance, Driving and Security. They are very child friendly and equally they both love animals. She can cater for large families and enjoys cooking Italian, Spanish and English dishes. He is a confident driver and happy to serve at the table. They are looking for a new long term position together with no pets or dependents to accompany they are free for an immediate start. Applicant ID: 73996.

SCCCO43864 Maintenance/Cook/Driver & Housekeeper/Nanny London/Country/Europe Immediate £850/900+pwn
Flexible "can do" couple with 3 years experience working as Maintenance/Cook/Driver & Housekeeper/Nanny in London and Europe. Looking for long term role with appreciative family anywhere! With excellent references they are available for an immediate start and looking for a salary of £850+pw net. Applicant ID: 83980.

SCCCO43849 Top British couple Country 1 months notice £800+pwn
Top British couple in their 50’s who are looking for a new long term role. They have fantastic longevity on their CV, having been in their current role for 10 years. They are only leaving as they are being made redundant. He is an exceptional gardener and experienced Estate Manager. She is organised and efficient, currently working as PA for the lady of the house and also happy to undertake housekeeping duties. They are both hardworking and willing, and come highly recommended. Applicant ID: 83834.

SCCCO43848 Down to earth British couple Country 1 months notice £800pwn
Down to earth British couple looking to settle into a long term position after sadly being made redundant from their current role. He is happy to work inside or outside, with experience in garden maintenance, logging, handyman duties and driving as well as serving at the table and family cooking. She is also a confident cook and a trained baker, able to cater for dinner parties. She has a high standard of housekeeping and is also happy tending to fruit and vegetable gardens. They are both animal lovers, have lots of experience with horses and dogs and come accompanied by their own well behaved labrador. They are both confident drivers and come highly recommended. They are available to start a new position with 1 months' notice. Applicant ID: 71585.

SCCCO43809 Qualified Gardener & Housekeeper Home Counties One months notice £60k+ gross per annum
Top couple in their 40’s with over 20 years’ experience working as a couple in private service. He is an RHS Qualified Gardener who loves developing, improving and designing gardens as well as the general maintenance side of the role. She is a hardworking and thorough Housekeeper and basic family cook. Both drive, come highly recommended, and with no pets or dependants to accompany they are available with one months’ notice. Applicant ID: 82392.

Multi-talented British couple Country, flex ASAP £750+pwn
Professional, personable and multi-talented British couple with excellent previous experience in private service. They have extensive experience looking after substantial properties – both managing and “hands on”. They work well as a team and can cover each other’s duties as required – be it household cleaning or maintenance or cooking. He is a passionate self-taught cook who enjoys baking bread and cooking for dinner parties – She is a more family orientated cook who loves cooking desserts. They both have experience looking after holiday lets and Wedding planning and computer literate, he created a website in his last employment. Both confident drivers with clean licences they have no pets or dependents to accompany. Applicant ID: 76040.

SCCCO33751 Friendly all-rounder couple Country 1 months notice £750+pwn
Friendly and accommodating St Helenian Couple (with British Passports) looking for a new long term post in the country. She is an exceptional housekeeper, and a keen cook who will happily cater for dinner parties. He is an all rounder who is happy inside or outside. He can take care of handyman duties and garden maintenance, as well as butler duties, serving at the table and any driving required. They have no pets or dependants to accompany, can start with 1 months' notice and are looking for a minimum salary of £750pwn. Applicant ID: 72059.

Highly skilled Ukranian couple Northants/Leicestershire 1 months notice £800+pwn
Lovely Ukrainian couple (both with British passports), with really positive “can do” attitude. He is a highly competent and skilled handyman. He built their home in Ukraine from scratch as well as landscaping the garden. She (a qualified Ukrainian nurse) is a housekeeper with real attention to detail. She enjoys cooking, loves children and like her husband has a strong work ethic. Both come highly recommended from their previous couple role and are very much looking forward to finding a long term post together. Drivers, with no pets or dependants, they are available with one months notice. Applicant ID: 62563.

SCCCO23722 Hardworking Hungarian couple Flexible ASAP £750+pwn
Hardworking Hungarian couple looking for their next challenge with 4 years experience in private homes and wedding venues. He is a keen cook with a cooking certificate. He is also a skilled handyman, and can muck in with gardening, driving or running errands. She is a meticulous housekeeper, as well as being very organised with experience in PA duties. She also enjoys baking and can help with any food prep required. Their previous role was based at a Wedding venue, so they have experience with event preparation and serving meals/drinks. They also have previous experience with horses. He is a confident driver and they have their own car. They have no pets or dependants to accompany and are available for an immediate start. Applicant ID: 73990.

SCCCO23721 Multi-skilled couple Flex/Country 1 month notice £700+pwn
Multi-skilled Czech/British couple. She is a housekeeper with high standards, and an excellent family cook. He is highly skilled and can handle all estate management, gardening and handyman duties. He is a trained mechanic, carpenter and has a chainsaw licence. He also has experience with service machinery. Animal lovers, they both have good experience with horses, livestock, game keeping and birds. They are self starters with good common sense and would be an asset to any employer. They have no pets or dependants to accompany and are available with 1 month notice. Applicant ID: 78276.

SCCCO23713 Hardworking couple Country ASAP Negotiable
Hardworking and flexible British couple looking for a long term position together. He is a freelance gardener who is also a very practical all-rounder. He has good gardening knowledge and is happy with chainsaws, cleaning windows, driving, log chopping, general maintenance and supervising contractors. He is also pleased to help inside when required. She is currently a freelance chef, and she is also a capable housekeeper. They have run their own business together for 10 years and both hold full driving licences. They are loyal and trustworthy. They are available to start in January and come accompanied by their two well behaved dogs who are good with children, other dogs and safe with livestock. Applicant ID: 69803.

SCCCO13658 Impressive British couple Country 1 month notice Negotiable around £800pwn
Impressive, personable and hardworking couple. She is a passionate self-taught cook who will happily cater for formal dinner parties of up to 16 on her own. She is an experienced and capable housekeeper used to working on her own, with spouse, or managing other staff. He is used to serving for parties and functions and happily works  inside or outside the home as required. He has a practical agricultural background and can project manage with ease if required. Prior to their current couples role of 3 years, they had full guardianship for several substantial properties overseas. They are a bright and proactive couple who will be an asset to any employer. Applicant ID: 80123.

SCCCO3613 Professional British couple Anywhere! 1 months notice £800+pwn
Professional British couple who have been successfully placed by Staff of Distinction in a previous role. Prior to working in private service they ran their own yacht charter business looking after all housekeeping, cooking and maintenance for their guests to 5 star standards! They have wide ranging skills to offer a future employer and are looking for a long term post. They are free to start a new post with short notice and have no pets or dependants. Reference: Applicant ID: 69292.

SCCCO3611 Hands on British couple Country One months notice £700+pwn
Personable and practical, hands-on couple currently working for high profile employers. She is an experienced, child friendly housekeeper with high standards. He is a capable DIY/Handyman, confident with any property maintenance, gardening or driving that is needed. They both hold chef qualifications and are happy with family and dinner party cooking. They are available with one months' notice and have no pets or dependents to accompany. Applicant ID: 83352.

SCCCO3610 Flexible British/New Zealander couple Surrey/Wiltshire 1 month notice Negotiable around £700-£750pwn
Personable, presentable and flexible British and New Zealander couple who are looking for a long term couples role. Currently in a couple’s position in the Cotswolds, they are multi skilled and will be an asset to any home. They have a varied background and in their previous role were looking after all cleaning, maintenance and gardening for various families in Wiltshire. They are both keen gardeners, she has strong business administration and IT skills and trained as a secretary at 17, and he is a skilled handyman. Both drivers, they are available to start a new position with one month’s notice. Applicant ID: 82934.

Well-presented Czech/Latvian couple Anywhere ASAP £700+pwn
Very nice and well-presented Czech/Latvian couple in their 30s. They enjoy multi-task roles where they can take care of cooking (both cook to DP standard), housekeeping, butlering/serving at table, garden maintenance, maintenance, DIY and school runs. Ideally looking for a long term position. Both drive and with no pets or dependants they are available with short notice. Applicant ID: 73013

SCCCO3608 Personable Romanian couple Flex ASAP £700+pwn
Personable, capable and enthusiastic Romanian couple early 30’s with 8yrs previous experience working in private service including 5 years in their current role. She has great childcare and housekeeping experience and really enjoys cooking also. He is a Gardener/Maintenance/Driver responsible for 14 acres and a pool in his previous role. Both drive and are only looking to leave their current post as they have no Sundays free to attend church. They are available with one months notice. Applicant ID: 85158.

Down to earth Scottish couple Scotland/Country 1 Month Notice Negotiable around £800pwn
Lovely, down to earth Scottish couple with almost 20 years’ experience working on private estates. Between them they can cover all childcare, housekeeping, car and garden maintenance, general handyman duties and basic family cooking. They have excellent references and are praised for their high standards and hardworking, loyal attitude. They both have full clean driving licenses, are available with one months’ notice and are accompanied by their 2 well trained border collies. Applicant ID: 63177.

SCCCO3604 Super British Couple Scotland 1 Month Notice £700+pwn
Really super British couple in their 60's with 15 years experience working as a couple in private service. Both are RHS Level 2 qualified gardeners, and between them they can cover all gardening, maintenance and handyman duties, as well as driving and cooking. She has excellent plant knowledge and loves cooking nutritious family meals, he has a shotgun license and will also serve at dinner parties. They are animal friendly, both have full, clean driving licenses and are available with 1 month notice. Applicant ID: 62814.

SCCCO3589 Housekeeper/Cook & Butler/Security/Gardener Country ASAP Negotiable around £700pwn
Mature and experienced British couple looking for a long term position. She loves cooking to dinner party standard and is an efficient housekeeper. He is an ex Toast master who has trained staff in top hotels previously. He can take care of all butling duties, valeting, basic security and gardening. Both have clean driving licences and are available for an ASAP start. They are accompanied by their cat. Applicant ID: 79016.

SCCCO3588 Personable British Couple Anywhere ASAP £750+pwn
Experienced, personable and energetic couple who have been placed successfully by Staff of Distinction previously and come highly recommended. Both enjoy cooking – He is a qualified chef but she is equally an excellent cook as well as a housekeeper with the highest standards. In their current post he is managing a team of gardeners in a “hands on” capacity and so has gained a reasonable knowledge. He is competent using heavy machinery etc and has a super flexible attitude to whatever may be required. Both are drivers and happy to look after children or pets. They are accompanied by their well behaved dog and are available ASAP. Applicant ID: 66507.

SCCCO3587 Lovely Gurkha Couple Country ASAP £750+pwn
Really lovely, accommodating Nepalese couple looking for a new long term role together in private service. He has served in the Queen’s own Gurkha Transport Regiment for 15 years and has since worked as security/gardener/handyman/driver for a family based in Hong Kong for 12 years. She is an experienced, hardworking housekeeper with an eye for detail and although her English isn’t currently fluent, she is attending classes to improve. He is a confident driver and is happy with any pet care required. They are available ASAP and come with no pets or dependents. Applicant ID: 62146.

SCCCO3567 Bright Polish couple Anywhere ASAP Negotiable around £700pwn
Professional, bright Polish couple in their early 30's. She is a hardworking, organised housekeeper and confident cook, happy with dinner party cooking. They both have excellent experience working within the hospitality industry - He is capable of all Garden/property maintenance, security and houseman duties. Both are animal and child friendly, hold full UK driving licenses and are available to start immediately. They have no pets or dependents. Applicant ID: 67670.

SCCCO3566 Professional Slovakian couple Flex One months notice Negotiable around £750pwn
Lovely, well-presented Slovakian couple who can cover all duties inside & outside the home. They take care of all tasks from housekeeping, childcare, cooking to serving at table, and any maintenance DIY duties and are used to working in semi-formal households. They come highly recommended - praised for their professional & conscientious approach. Both drive and are available to start a new post with one months notice. They are accompanied by their small well-behaved dog. Applicant ID: 78427.

SCCCO3508 Hardworking Nepalese couple Anywhere! 2 weeks notice Negotiable around £750pwn
Lovely hardworking Nepalese (ex Gurkha) couple in their 50’s looking for a long term position together. He is an ex-British Army security officer, and has experience in a wide variety of roles including housekeeping, security, and property maintenance/handyman. He holds a full driving licence and has good driving knowledge of London. She has over 5 years’ experience working in Housekeeper/cleaner positions and loves cooking Nepalese food! They are available with 2 weeks’ notice and are very flexible re location. Applicant ID: 82887.

SCCCO3507 Professional Estonian couple UK 1 Month Notice £850+pwn
Smiley and professional Estonian couple looking for a new challenge together. She is a skilled housekeeper with an eye for detail, and an excellent family cook. He is a keen gardener, and can also cover all property maintenance and driving. They are both drivers with full, clean licences. They have no pets or dependents and are available with one months’ notice. Applicant ID: 82889.

SCCCO3506 Estate Manager & Housekeeper/Cook couple Scotland/Country Immediate £750+pwn
Lovely Scottish couple with 14 years’ in their last post together looking after a very large private and corporate estate in a hands on and managerial capacity. She enjoys cooking up to dinner party standard, and is also an accomplished housekeeper. He is experienced with all estate maintenance, game keeping and all handyman duties. They both have full drivers licences and having been made redundant from their last post are available for an immediate start. Applicant ID: 63040.

SCCCO3492 Professional Polish couple London or Overseas One months notice £1000 per week net
Professional, presentable Polish couple, with two years’ experience with a high profile family travelling between London and France. She is an organised House manager and PA and he is a Chef with great maintenance skills who is happy with chauffeuring and gardening duties also. Both are confident drivers, non-smokers & have excellent English. They are looking for a new challenge in London or overseas with a salary close to £1000 per week net. They are available with one months’ notice. Applicant ID: 75310.

SCCCO3464 Adaptable Romanian Couple Flex Immediately! £700pwn+
Lovely Romanian couple, placed previously with Staff of Distinction, looking for a new role. Both drive and have excellent English. They are very capable to take care of all duties inside & outside the home and come highly recommended with some lovely references. With no pets or dependants they are available ASAP. Applicant ID: 84346.

SCCCO3459 Dynamic couple Anywhere - Country or Overseas 1 months notice £750+pwn
Really nice, upbeat and dynamic British couple. Currently working together in a formal household in London, would ideally prefer a long term post overseas or in the country. Together they can cover any housekeeping, cleaning, laundry, good family cooking and basic garden maintenance. They have a great "can-do" attitude and are happy to turn their hand to most things! They are both child and pet friendly and have no pets or dependents themselves. They come highly recommended and are available with 4-6 weeks notice. Applicant ID: 83391.

SCCCO3449 British Domestic Couple Yorkshire 1 months notice £700+pwn
Confident British couple with 3 years’ in their current Estate Manager/Housekeeping role. Between them, they can cover all housekeeping, maintenance, garden maintenance, family cooking, household admin as well as managing contractors and household budgeting. She is a trained carpenter and both are confident with any DIY tasks. They also have experience with horses. They are both drivers with full clean licenses and have no pets or dependents. They are available with 1 months' notice an really want to relocate closer to family in Yorkshire. Applicant ID: 83383.

SCCCO3435 Qualified Nanny/Housekeeper & Maintenance Country/Home Counties ASAP/flexible £750+pwn
Super British couple looking for a really long term (ideally 10yrs+) family post where they can offer their considerable skill set to an employer. As a qualified nanny she has tremendous childcare experience which in her last high profile role of over 5 years developed into a PA/Housekeeping and cooking post with husband working in the garden, dealing with all maintenance/handyman duties and caring for animals (pigs/dogs/horses). His IT background has also proved invaluable within the home. They have three children and ideally are looking for a post where they can work at different times so they can coordinate childcare. Their last employer has praised their flexibility and “can do, nothing is too much trouble” attitude and strongly recommends them both. They have two trained gun dogs to accompany that are kept in kennels and do exactly as they are told! Having recently been made redundant from their current post they are free to start a new post with an immediate start. If live in would need 3 bed accommodation alternatively would look at live out and rent locally. A brilliant couple who will not be looking for long! Applicant ID: 71806.

SCCCO3434 Housekeeper/Cook & Maintenance/SecurityDriver UK or France or Italy Immediate £800+pwn
Lovely Romanian couple with over 9yrs experience in private service. Their current role ended as sadly their employer passed away and the role changed. She is a super housekeeper with dinner party standard cooking although she prefers not to cook every day. He is an ex builder, who is great with all garden maintenance duties, security and driving. Both have excellent English and a very positive, flexible attitude. They are available for an immediate start and come recommended. Applicant ID: 64191.

Top Portuguese couple Anywhere! One months notice £800+pwn
Super Portuguese Cook/Housekeeper & Butler/Houseman/Driver/Maintenance looking for a new post after 11 years in their current role with VIP family. She is dinner party standard cook and both do all housekeeping. He is Buckingham palace trained Butler. Both drive and have fabulous references. They have two school aged children to accompany and are looking for a new long term post ideally in the country. Available with one months notice. Applicant ID: 64205.

SCCCO3393 Housekeeper/Nanny & Maintenance/Gardener/Houseman Country/Home Counties One months notice £700+pwn
Cheerful and positive Romanian couple with 5 years’ experience working in domestic roles within the UK. She is a super "hands on" and flexible housekeeper who is also more than happy with any nannying/proxy parenting, family cooking and driving. He has good practical skills and can cover all property maintenance, gardening, pool care etc. He is equally happy working as Houseman/cleaner if required. They are available with 1 months’ notice and come highly recommended. Applicant ID: 84302.

Gardener/Maintenance/Chef & Housekeeper/Cook/Nanny Home Counties/flexible 1 months notice £850pwn
Experienced, personable and high energy couple who have a great skill set to offer a future employer. He is a very knowledgeable and practical gardener and competent handyman who also happens to be a qualified Chef! She is a housekeeper happy to recruit train and manage other staff as well as being very used to working alone in a totally hands-on capacity. She is silver service trained and also an excellent family/low-key dinner party cook and she is more than happy with childcare also. For more formal catering he is happy to lead and she assists. With 6 yrs experience in private service including four years in their current role they are now looking for a new long term post. Available with one months notice. Applicant ID: 69382.

SCCCO3361 Professional, presentable couple UK 1 months notice £700+ pwn
Enthusiastic, professional and presentable Polish couple with over 3 years’ experience working within private service in the UK. Between them, they can cover all housekeeping, basic cooking, gardening, property maintenance and driving. He has a good knowledge of servicing garden machinery, and has great hands on maintenance skills. She has good experience caring for silverware and delicate surfaces; she is very organised and has good attention to detail. They are both real team players, are flexible to work weekends and are both confident drivers. Applicant ID: 74035.

SCCCO3360 Super Romanian Couple Flexible 1 months notice Negotiable
Really super Romanian couple with perfect English and over 4 years’ experience in private service working in London and the countryside. Both are very motivated, organised and have a good skill set to offer – She really enjoys cooking up to dinner party standard and is a thorough housekeeper. They are both also quite knowledgeable gardeners. Both drive and come recommended. Applicant ID: 64855.

Enthusiastic gardener & Housekeeper Flexible 2 weeks notice £750pwn+
Hungarian Housekeeper and Gardener couple. Enthusiastic gardener with good practical skills,confident driver and happy to undertake any property maintenance or houseman duties. She is a hardworking housekeeper and basic family cook, she is child and pet friendly and happy with occasional babysitting. Available with 2 weeks' notice. Applicant ID: 69380.

SCCCO3089 Friendly British Couple South/South West Flex £700 Flex
Friendly British couple with excellent longevity in previous positions He is an ex builder with really good practical handyman/DIY and gardening skills. She is a hands-on housekeeper/cook, she is also happy with childcare duties. Both have clean UK driving licenses. They are available with one months’ notice and come accompanied with their well behaved 5 year old dog. Applicant ID: 78532.

SCCCO3073 Enthusiastic Couple UK or Europe Flex Negotiable
Enthusiastic and hardworking Slovakian couple in their early 30s with five and half years experience in private domestic role as Housekeeper/Cook/Nanny & Gardener/Maintenance. Both speak excellent English, hold clean EU driving licenses, Health Care Assistant course and have a very flexible, energetic, self motivated “can do” attitude to any duties. They are flexible to work weekends. They are both child and pet friendly with no pets or dependants of their own. They are available with short notice. Applicant ID: 71301.

SCCCO2778 Friendly British Couple Home/West Counties Short notice £800pwn+
Friendly British couple in their 50s with a flexible "can-do" attitude & over 7 years working together in private service. Both drive and are seeking a long-term position anywhere in the home counties/west country.They have no pets or dependants and are available with 1 months notice. Applicant ID: 66711.

Dedicated Hungarian Couple London & Home Counties Short Notice £850pwn
Professional, presentable Hungarian couple early 30’s with excellent English and impressive skill set including Butler, chauffeur, chef and high standards of housekeeping, laundry. They have super references and experience with high profile individuals. They are looking for a new post in London or the Home Counties with a salary of £850+pwn. Accompanied by their little dog, they are available within short notice. Applicant ID: 66766.

SCCCO2305 Top Gurkha Couple Surrey/Hampshire Short notice £800 per week net
Top Gurkha couple, in their 40’s, with many years experience working in private service, including 6 years in their current post. He is experienced in roles such as butler, chauffeur, housekeeper, security, and has also undertaken PA duties, for high profile employers, including members of the Royal family. She is an experienced housekeeper, undertaking duties such as cleaning a large property, all laundry duties and wardrobe management, care of silver, and providing assistance to the butler. They both hold full driving licenses and are looking for a new role ideally close to Surrey/Hampshire, with a salary expectation of £800 per week net. Applicant ID: 79545.

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