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Domestic Couples

This is a super option for many clients who are looking to recruit more than one member of staff to take on a broad range of duties.  The couple, having a proven track record of working together, will support one another in their respective roles.

Another advantage of employing a couple is that the client will provide one dwelling as opposed to the two they would otherwise provide if they were to recruit two separate members of staff.  Typical accommodation for a couple could be a separate flat if the role is city-based or a cottage in the grounds if the Principal’s property allows.   As most couples’ positions are live-in, they tend to be long-term with a commitment of 5 to 10 years, making them very loyal and stable members of staff indeed.

This staffing option also works very well for clients who have a second home or a part-time residence. The couple can take complete care of the house and grounds while the family is not in-residence and, upon their return, the home will be ready and prepared for occupation. The family can expect to be welcomed with a freshly prepared lunch or supper, and depending on the season, roaring log fires or the air-conditioning pleasantly cooling the house, freshly cut flowers, the swimming pool heated in preparation and bedrooms aired with beds turned down.   A domestic couple allows a seamless transition between homes.


Our domestic couples will have at least 3 years’ proven experience working together in a private household together as a couple.


Please refer to the individual roles listed on this website to see the typical qualifications you can expect for specific roles.

UK Salaries

Salaries per couple range from £850-£1,000 net per week for an 8-10 hour day (5 days a week, days may vary)

Overseas Salaries

Salaries per couple start from £1,000 net per week for an 8-10 hour day (5 days a week, days may vary)


You can specify any combination of duties to be covered so please do discuss your requirements with your specialist consultant who will guide you through her already-registered couples and, as an established agency of 24 years, we are always taking new applications.  Please find a list of possible combinations below and view the duties that can be expected of each role by selecting the appropriate role here:


Housekeeper/Cook and Handyman/Driver/Butler

Housekeeper/Nanny and Chef

Nanny and Butler

Full-time Cook and Butler

Housekeeper/Carer and Estate Manager/Security

Housekeeper/Driver and Head Gardener/Security

Gardener and Estate Manager/Driver

Dependants: Some couples have ‘dependants’, that is to say, either teenage children who would attend a school locally and would be largely independent, or even a pet, so do please discuss this with your consultant if you feel a couple with dependants would not be suitable for your requirements.   Of course it goes without saying that as they would have their own dwelling there would be no need for their dependants or any pets to enter the main house.

It has to be said that couples with dependents do tend to stay in their posts longer as they are more settled in their personal lives. And if they have a large dog or even a small one, due to the fact that dogs have an acute sense of hearing, they can be excellent for warning you of impending visitors or of any delivery men.