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Estate Manager

This is an ideal choice for clients who have a large estate or portfolio of properties that requires  a hands-on, experienced individual to manage the day-to-day efficiency, financial success and on-going general maintenance of all sites and systems. Depending on the household and duties required, in the absence of a Butler, or House Manager, the Estate Manager may oversee the other members of staff.


An Estate Manager will have at least 3 years’ experience working in a similar role.


An Estate Manager will have at least 5 years’ experience working in a similar role to ensure they can hit the ground running. Qualifications could range from degrees in Agriculture, Engineering, to Hospitality Management, to construction and project management. They will also have experience of fire and risk assessments, health and safety and be heritage aware.

Live-in salaries

Range from £600 – £730 net per week typically for an 8-10 hour day, Monday to Friday

Live-out salaries

Range from £660 – £780 net per week typically for up to a 10 hour day, Monday to Friday


For the Exterior:

Project manager

Annual servicing of all systems

Gatekeeping and overall security of the private family estate

Security lighting of grounds

Manage exterior and estate staff and service personnel including drivers, gardeners, contractors and security personnel

Oversee and coordinate all maintenance and construction projects

Hands on assistance in property repairs / renovations

Negotiate with and choose external contractors

Direct the planning and supervision of contractors, builders, architects, construction and maintenance

For the Land:

Supervise landscaping, seasonal turf and garden care

Oversee paddock and pasture maintenance, mowing, streaming, chain harrowing and spraying etc

Maintain garden, greenhouse and vegetable gardens

Ensure proper care for trees and woodlands

Maintain pool, saunas, tennis court and croquet lawns

And in the Home:

Manage household calendar

Manage and ensure that proper care is taken of the wine cellar  

Maintain heating, air conditioning, sound television and internet systems

Prepare home for arrival and stay of Principal’s family and guests