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Larger homes and individuals with busy lives may require the assistance of a housekeeper to ensure the smooth running of their home. Whether it is keeping the property clean and in order, the fridge fully stocked, or overseeing the general domestic maintenance of the property, the housekeeper will use her many years’ experience of working within private homes to ensure her employers are living comfortably and able to focus their attention on their family and their enterprises.


Housekeepers registered with Staff of Distinction will have at 3-5 years’ experience working in a private household with references to support this.


In terms of qualifications, there isn’t one for housekeeping as such. Many gain their experience working in a private household and may have had hotel training.  Some will have taken a part-time course at a local college to improve their cooking or baking skills.

Live-in salaries

Countryside – £600 net per week PLUS for an 10-12 hour day

London – £650 net per week PLUS for an 10-12 hour day

Live-out salaries

Countryside – £13 net per hour PLUS for an 8-10 hour day

London – £14-£15 net per hour PLUS for an 8-10 hour day

Housekeeper Duties, Responsibilities & Skills

Duties can include all or most of the following depending on your requirements:

For the Home:

Clean, dust and polish furniture

Flower arranging

Clean and sanitise rooms throughout the house

Take care of antiques

Vacuum carpets and flooring

Clean brass and silverware

Arrange and replace flowers as and when required

Care for pets including dog walking

Check all internal and external doors/gates are locked

Set and unset the alarm systems

Distribute the household post

Prepare the house for guests

And in the Kitchen:

Assist the lady of the house/Chef with food preparation

Order food and provisions online

Dispose of all kitchen waste, both organic and recycling

Laundry and Wardrobe Care:

Launder and mend clothes

Launder and press shirts

Change and launder bedding

Launder and press table linen

Replace and sew on buttons

Clean and polish shoes

Take clothing to be dry cleaned

Take shoes to be mended

Various Errands and Responsibilities:

Run errands, shop and arrange refunds

Deal with deliveries and tradesmen

Call swimming pool maintenance company

Collect newspapers/journals

Arrange electrical appliance testing

Reporting any necessary repairs or replacements

Nationalities range from, but are not limited to British, Filipina, Portuguese, Eastern European and Brazilian.  All must have the relevant work visas to be able to register with our Agency.

Do be realistic about the size of your household, the duties you require and be mindful of how long is needed for food prep, cooking and serving. We can talk through your requirements and discuss the options open to you.


Housekeeping refers to managing duties within the  household including the family and household laundry.  These duties are undertaken by a housekeeper who usually works alone to ensure the smooth running of the home, reporting directly to the Principal.

Housekeeper duties include making sure the household is fully stocked with food and cleaning provisions, and coordinating any servicing or maintenance that is needed around the home.

A housekeeper will clean and dust, vacuum, take care of antiques, polish silver and take care of fine crystal, create flower arrangements, and check the home security system.

The role will require getting the house ready for guests, ordering provisions for the family home, laundering household linen and the family’s clothing. The housekeeper will run errands, walk the dog and report any necessary repairs.  

As restrictions currently allow for those who cannot carry out their work from home to go into their workplace, housekeeping has not been affected in the same ways that others may have.

However some families have decided to pay for housekeepers to arrive by taxi, or have been asked to walk to work when possible. Regular testing is not uncommon and masks are worn within homes where the housekeeper or principal is uncomfortable otherwise, and gloves will be worn to handle shared surfaces and fabrics.

Extra disinfecting to maintain that the household is as germ free/covid free as possible is essential, which is now likely to include disinfecting shopping bags and any post or packages received and deep cleans of shared spaces on a more regular basis. Anti-bacterial spray at the ready!

Housekeepers need to be highly organised, motivated and efficient with an acute understanding of how to run a home. Housekeeping requires a candidate to be very active and capable of keeping a household thoroughly clean and orderly throughout as well as displaying the utmost discretion. All clients are private individuals who expect to employ someone who is trustworthy and who values their privacy. 

Housekeepers must use their common sense to notify the principal of matters when necessary and solve problems on their own when they can in order to alleviate the strain that owning a home can have on the principal.

Housekeepers must be aware of the type of home that their skill set is best suited to, whilst some housekeepers prefer a small intimate household without any pets while another may prefer to oversee the running of a grand country home. It is crucial that a housekeeper discusses his/her preferences during their early conversations with their recruitment consultant.

Not only will a housekeeper take care of the laundry, but they will also be responsible for mending, ironing and organising it. That is unless the principal requests otherwise as some Principals prefer to organise their closets themselves. The housekeeper will take delicate items to a dry cleaning professional as well as any items that they cannot mend themselves. 

Whilst there are no rules per say, discretion, and directions on how the client prefers the home to be run or chores performed are expected. With that said, of course there will be rules for those housekeepers who live-in i.e. no guests within the home, the alarm setting times, and expectations of shared living space.

For those housekeepers who offer a combined discipline such as housekeeper/nanny, there will need to be clear outlines from the outset regarding how their time must be divided.

Housekeeping Career

A housekeeper is an extremely well respected role in the domestic staffing industry, with a long and rich history. It is housekeepers who keep some of the finest homes across the country, and indeed the world running to their full potential whilst alleviating the stress on their Principals in the process. 

Many housekeepers remain within the same household for many years and are the backbone to a smoothly run home. Nobody wants to lose an incredible housekeeper, so if you find one, be quick! 

Whilst housekeepers on our register must have at least 3+ years’ experience of working as a housekeeper in a private home, if you are an expert at organising, cleaning and take pride in running a household to the highest possible standards, then housekeeping may be the career for you.

If you dream of a family relying on you to ensure the smooth running of their home then one way to start your career as a housekeeper is by working in a 5 Star hotel as a cleaner, housekeeper or porter before moving across into private household work. Once you gain 3 years under your belt you can then get in touch with us! 

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

John Wesley


“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”                                  

Marie Kondo

Other Housekeeper Roles

Depending on the size of your household, a Housekeeper may be able to combine their duties  with another discipline such as cooking or childcare but this comes with a caveat. That is to say, if asked if we can place a HK/Cook/Nanny, we find that, firstly they will have to juggle three disciplines, and secondly, those who are excellent at all three will command a higher salary. A HK who is a good solid Cook can supervise older children, in that they can be in the household at the same time while the parents are out, but they won’t be a specialist nanny or have the time to assist with homework. If you are keen to combine all three disciplines, we would recommend that you consider the role as being described as HK/Family Cook/occasional childcare to include babysitting which emphasises the role’s priority.

Head Housekeeper

A Head Housekeeper will have a minimum of  5+ years’ experience in a similar position and will perform their duties with meticulous attention to detail.  They will, however, take on a more senior role and is likely to oversee a team of Housekeepers, ensuring their duties are discharged properly and that they fulfil their roles, with method, skill and timeliness. It will be the Head Housekeeper’s responsibility to coordinate the welfare, training and payroll of domestic staff. The Head Housekeeper could possibly undertake the school runs for children aged 5 years and older but this should be discussed with your consultant when giving the job spec.


Depending on your household, you may wish to employ a Housekeeper who can cook. They range from those who can provide plain/simple dishes and/or family cooking to Dinner Party standard.  We have placed HK/Cooks who can cook to a high culinary standard for up to 8 while others can turn their hand to Formal Dinner Parties for 10 and hot/cold buffets for 16.

Duties may include general Housekeeping duties as listed above along with the following:

Light simple/plain meals

Good family fare

Food preparation (assisting mother or the Cook/Chef)

Dinner party/Event cooking

Preparing and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Clearing away, tidying and cleaning the kitchen and rooms where food is served.

Presenting menus for approval and discussing daily requirements with employer, house manager or butler.

Undertaking the grocery shopping and maintaining accounts and budgets

Placing orders for kitchen supplies

Maintaining stock control

Ensuring refrigerator is clean and out-of-date items discarded

Housekeeping Fascinating Fact

By the 1850’s one in 3 females between the age of 15-20 were working in domestic service



Housekeeping duties combined with childcare.  This is a super option for a family who wishes to have one member of staff who is a good all-rounder with the house and who will also help look after children. This largely depends on the size of the house, number of children and their ages and the parents’ day to day routine. Some families employ a daily Housekeeper who may do the heavy cleaning once or twice a week to assist. 

Sole and shared childcare and babysitting

Cooking nutritious meals for their charges 

Supervise/assist with homework

School runs if they drive

Before you begin your search, it is incredibly important to discuss your primary expectations with your consultant. For younger children, you may feel that the primary focus will be childcare with a little housekeeping on the side, whereas for school aged children the main role may be the Housekeeping.


Housekeepers who can accompany or drive their employer to various appointments and events, travel with and generally assist with everyday living for the employer to enjoy independent living in the comfort of their own home.

Assist with everyday tasks and provide companionship

Shopping for weekly essentials and running general errands

Accompanying on special and regular outings

Cooking and sharing meals

Light domestic support such as cleaning, laundry, care of pets

Light gardening duties

Participating in hobbies and crafts

Helping with travel arrangements and accompanying to appointments

Assisting with correspondence and paperwork

Housekeeper/Family PA

Housekeeping combined with organised and efficient administration skills. Our Family PA’s will run the family’s diary both social and for the individual childrens’ school. Keeping on top of your childrens’ school appointments and events. This position could include the school runs driving children to school and back and your consultant will help you iron out the details.

Booking appointments

Arranging couriers, travel and childcare

Be computer literate including Excel

Managing calendar

Running errands

Use initiative, read the needs of the family’s requirements in advance

Wardrobe and vanity care

Take care of pets

If you are unsure of the type of person that would suit your household, do telephone us on 01225 484 190 and we will talk through your requirements and discuss the sort of candidate that would fit into your household and their salary expectations.

Latest Housekeeper Jobs

Geneva, Switzerland
Start Date:

Super opportunity for an Overseas Live-in Housekeeper in Geneva, Switzerland. The large and informal property is home to a welcoming family of 5 who are seeking a committed and respectful individual to join their family. Role duties will include all general cleaning, laundry, and cooking nutritional and simple family meals. The successful candidate must be well organised and have a key eye for detail.  The Housekeeper must be child friendly, a full time Nanny is employed. Working hours are 6 days a week, 7:30am – 12:30pm, a break and then again from 3:30pm – 7:30pm. Driver would be a bonus and a car can be provided for whilst on duty. Accommodation provided is a private bedroom and bathroom. Interviews to commence right away for an ASAP start. Offering a salary of £1000 per week net.

Start Date:

We are inundated with clients, both returning and new, looking for that all-special Housekeeper and Domestic Couple!

Do ensure you fulfil our criteria which is that we require 3+ years’ experience working within a private household, super references and an up-to-date DBS.

Remember, we never advertise all our positions and will only give those candidates registered with us access to opportunities both advertised and those not advertised.

As always all applications are confidential.

Please telephone us ASAP: 020 7795 6220 or send an email to [email protected]

We look forward to being of service to you all!

With best wishes from

The Staff of Distinction Team

Knightsbridge, London
£15phn - £17phn (up to £48,572gpa)
Start Date:
May 2023

Superb opportunity for a Daily Housekeeper in Knightsbridge, SW1. The well-presented 4 bedroom apartment is situated across two floors within a townhouse. Home to a professional Couple who are seeking a dedicated candidate to join their household on a long term basis. Role duties will include all general cleaning of the apartment, organising, laundry and running of some errands. The employers are hands on, keen cooks, but they may ask for some assistance with food preparation such as chopping vegetables. The successful candidate must have high attention to detail, be kind, hardworking and dedicated. Working hours are Monday – Friday, 40 hours a week (flexible start time to suit the candidate). Interviews to commence right away for ideally an early May start. Offering a salary of £15phn – £17phn (up to £48,572gpa).

Ref no: 33125

£16 per hour net (£19,322gpa)
Start Date:

Daily part time Housekeeper sought in a beautiful Bath, Somerset. The well presented property is home to a welcoming and informal family of 4, with children ages 12 and 9. The principals are seeking a kind and hardworking candidate to join their household long term. The role will include all cleaning, tidying and organising of the home. The successful candidate should have high attention to detail and take pride within their duties. Pet friendly is essential as the family have 3 cats. Driver would be a bonus but by no means essential. Working 20 hours per week, across 3 days. Offering a great salary up to £16 per hour net (£19,322gpa). Interviews to commence right away for an ASAP start date.

Ref no: 33134

South Cerney, Cotswolds
£42,072kgpa - £54,669gpa dependent on hours worked
Start Date:


Daily Housekeeper/family Cook sought in beautiful South Cerney, Cotswolds. The 5 bed, well presented property is home to an informal and friendly family of four, with two young children ages G2 and G4. The principals seek a loyal and kind candidate who can become a part of the family. The successful candidate should be proactive, have a hands on approach and attention to detail. The role will include all cleaning, laundry, changing of bed linen, ironing and taking delicate fabrics to the dry cleaners. The chosen candidate should also be competent in family cooking, focusing mainly on gluten free meals. The principals are keen cooks, so will help out with the cooking too. Working hours can be flexible to suit the needs of the candidate. Monday-Friday between 40-50 hours a week to suit. Driver is essential for this role. Salary on offer £15per hour net, between £42,072gpa – £54,669gpa dependent on hours worked. Interviews to commence right away for a soon as possible start.

Ref no: 33042

Freshford, near Bath
£30,000gpa - £42,600gpa
Start Date:


Daily Housekeeper sought for role in Freshford, near Bath. The beautiful farmhouse is home to an informal family of 5, including three children under the age of 10.  The friendly and welcoming family are looking for a long term candidate to join their household. Role duties will include; cleaning, general tidying, washing and ironing. Should the candidate have an interest in cooking, it would be a bonus if the candidate could assist with prepping nutritious evening meals. Additional duties may include running errands and walking their small dog. They also have a cat. A driver would be preferred due to the location of the role. Hours: Monday – Friday 6 or 8 hours per day to suit the candidates requirements. Interviews to commence right away for a soon as possible start. Salary ranging £30,000gpa – £42,600gpa dependent on experience and hours worked.

Ref no: 32976

Wineham, West Sussex
Start Date:


Daily or Live in part-time Housekeeper sought for role in Wineham, West Sussex . The property has been recently refurbished to a high standard, it is a 5 bedroom/5 bathroom family home in a quiet country setting. Home to informal and friendly principals with 2 grown-up children who stay periodically. One rescue cat, 5 chickens, 1 dog (another to join soon). Role duties will include: tidying, cleaning, laundry, ironing, shopping, post office and dry cleaning runs and taking in deliveries. In principals absence (approx. 1 in every 5 weekends and then 3-4 holidays during the year) the candidate will be responsible for dog-walking and sitting plus cat and chicken care (paid and worked as overtime). There is a large well-stocked garden and veggie patch, so light garden duties and flower arranging is available if an interest to the candidate. Occasional weekend work to help with dinner parties or animal sitting. An interest in cooking for special occasions would be welcome. The successful candidate should be cheerful, active and an animal-lover discreet. Also be self-motivated, organised and have an eye for detail. Should the candidate live in, a beautiful and separate one-bedroomed cottage with large secure private garden is provided with all bills included (apart from telephone).A dog would be considered. Driver is essential. Hours: Monday – Friday 30 hours per week with weekend flexibility. Interviews to commence right away for an ASAP start. Salary £15phn plus dependent on experience (from £29,885gpa).

Ref no: 32933

Weston village, Bath
£15phn (up to £30,229gpa)
Start Date:


Daily part time Housekeeper sought in Weston Village, Bath. The property is home to an informal Couple and their three young children. Typical duties will include cleaning, laundry and organising of the home. Other duties on an occasion may include putting together a pack lunches/ cooking a simple dinner for the children and walking the well behaved family dog. The successful candidate will have an upbeat personality, be able to use their initiative and have high attention to detail. This position is offered on a long term basis. A gardener is employed. Driver essential for this role. Working hours; Monday-Friday, 30 hours a week. Exact start and finish times are flexible to suit the candidate. Interviews to commence right away for a December or even a January 2023 start. Salary on offer £13-£15phn (up to £30,229gpa) dependent on experience.

Ref no: 32885

£15phn (£30,229gpa)
Start Date:


Part time Daily Housekeeper sought for role in central Bath, BA1. The Georgian property is home to a friendly and mature couple and their cockapoo dog. General duties will include housework, ironing, walking the dog at lunchtime and running errands. The current Housekeeper was successfully placed by Staff of Distinction 10 years ago!  A driver would be a bonus but is not essential. Working 30 hours per week and salary on offer £15phn (£30,229gpa). Role to commence ASAP.

Ref no: 32871