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Lady’s Maid or Wardrobe Manager

A Lady’s Maid will have expert knowledge of personal styling, haute couture, designer clothing and fine fabrics as well as professional grooming to ensure their Principal is always looking their best. They will accompany their Principal when travelling overseas for special events and, in the absence of a Personal Assistant, the Lady’s Maid may temporarily be expected to look after the Principal’s private affairs.


 A Lady’s Maid or Wardrobe Manager will have at least 3 years’ experience working in a similar role.


Lady’s Maids may have come from a fashion background working for a luxury fashion house, or have many years experience in personal styling within private households. Our Lady’s Maids take their profession very seriously and will have a wealth of contacts and knowledge enabling you exclusive access to fashion houses and collections internationally.

Live-in salaries

Range from £350 net per week typically for up to a 12 hour day, Monday to Friday

Live-out salaries

Range from £400 net per week typically for up to a 10 hour day, Monday to Friday


Duties can include all or most of the following depending on your requirements:

Lady Maid

Care of the Lady’s household areas ie her study and dressing area

Care of personal and general clothing to include hand washing, dry cleaning and tailoring

All-round  organiser of shelves, wardrobes, dressers and drawers

Shoe care inc cleaning, polishing and taking to the cobblers

Assist with dressing when needed

Errand running and accompanying on shopping trips

Mend and sew clothes

Spa and beauty treatments such as manicures, facials and massage

Shopping and returns of clothing/items

International knowledge of luxury retail

Knowledge of event etiquette and suitable styles of dress for occasions

Packing for any overnight stays, weekends away, holidays

Keeping a list of items packed

Maintaining and organising seasonal wardrobe closets and linens

Organising storage and release of furs according to the season

Inventory tracking and management