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Laundress/Seamstress – full or part-time

This discipline is geared towards the more formal household. Their sole responsibility will be to launder and iron/press the household clothing and linens throughout.


Laundresses will have at least 3 years’ experience working in a similar role.


A laundress will have 5+ years’ experience caring for garments of clothing and linens using a variety of techniques to ensure all are properly cared for in order to prolong wear and use.

Live-in salaries

Range from £350 net per week typically for up to a 12 hour day, Monday to Friday

Live-out salaries

Range from £400 net per week typically for up to a 10 hour day, Monday to Friday


Duties can include all or most of the following depending on your requirements:


Organise all wardrobes and linen cupboards including seasonal change

Perform alterations including hemming and repairs

Launder and press clothing

Carefully remove stains and care for challenging fabrics

Care for haute couture and designer clothing

Perform detailed ironing and steaming of wardrobe closets

Fold and hang to perfection

Manage laundry supplies

Keep a current inventory at all times

Organise and manage the sending and receiving of any items to outside professional care

To allow efficiency, she would have to have a properly ventilated laundry room with a number of washing machines to allow multiple loads to be dried and washed at the same time.  She would require an industrial pressing machine for bedlinen, an upright steamer and an ironing board and steam iron. The room will be well lit with both natural light and artificial so that she can see clearly for stain removal and soaking.  The room should be able to store ample stock of detergents, powders and fabric conditioner for efficiency.

The ironing room should have a dedicated hanging and shelving area. Possibly a Sheila Maid to assist.

This could be combined with the role of a Lady’s Maid/Wardrobe Manager to make it a full-time role