Staff of Distinction FAQ

Why is Staff of Distinction Different?

Founded by Sarajane Ambrose in 1996, Staff of Distinction filled the gap in the market for expert and ethical household staffing recruitment, and to this day Staff of Distinction keeps those same principles at the heart of what it does.

Do you place staff outside of London or outside of the uk?

Yes, we place staff everywhere from London, the country to overseas.

What are the costs of employing a member of staff?

Please view our specific Staffing Roles page and select the category of staff you require, to view current market rates of pay.

Are staff employed or self-employed?

If a candidate is working on a permanent basis, whether it’s full-time or part-time, as it’s a regular place of work, they will be employed by the client.

Could you recommend a staff tax payroll?

Preferential rate to our clients – call to learn more on x.

How do I interview a member of staff for an overseas position?

We place many of our candidates overseas and suggest the first interview by phone/Facetime or Skype. However, you are welcome to interview our candidates at our London or Bath office if more convenient for you.

We have some useful interview questions available so please request this from your consultant once first interviews have been set up. You could also invite your potential candidate for a personal interview but travel and transportation costs should be discussed prior.

Could you recommend a staff tax payroll?

Preferential rate to our clients – call to learn more on x.

How long does the recruitment process take from start to finish?

This depends on the client’s requirements and availability to interview potential candidates. The availability of the most suitable candidate will also feature.  We can facilitate quick turnarounds so please notify your consultant of your expectations at the very beginning when you register. Whilst some clients are keen to fill roles asap, other clients look three months in advance giving them more time for the selection process. Both time schemes work, however, please be aware that our coveted candidates and roles do get snapped up quickly, so don’t take too long in making your decision! Keeping in close contact with your consultant will ensure you don’t miss out.