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Employing a Chauffeur for your personal use or combined with the duties of the Family Chauffeur provides efficient and secure travel from home to business meetings, medical appointments, school runs, shopping and evening social occasions. This role could be combined with that of a Bodyguard/Security personnel role.  Our Chauffeurs are professional, security aware, discreet and able to work under pressure.


A Chauffeur registered with Staff of Distinction will have at least 3-5 years’ experience working in a similar role.


All must have a clean driving licence, and whilst mostly experienced-based, some candidates will have a police force or military background.  Some will have a Security Industry Authority Licence (SIA) or will have completed an Evasive Driving course which enables them to double up as added security for High Profile Clients.

Live-in salaries

Range from £530 – £600 net per week typically for a 10-12 hour day, Monday to Friday

Live-out salaries

Range from £600-£780 net per week typically for up to a 12 hour day, Monday to Friday


Duties can include all or most of the following depending on your requirements:


Safely driving the Principal to the office, to meetings and to personal appointments

Safely driving the Principal’s wife to meetings and appointments

Safely driving children to and from school

Managing the Principals’ travel schedule to ensure meetings are made on time

Safely drive family members and their guests to important functions

Providing close protection security when outside the home(s)

Evasive driving skills

Run Errands

Care for the car or cars, including cleaning, polishing and servicing