The Advantages of Hiring a Domestic Couple

Domestic Couples are a wonderful solution for households who require multiple staff to keep things running smoothly.  

As with all of our candidates, our Domestic Couples are highly experienced and qualified. Choosing a couple, rather than multiple individuals can have many benefits to your household. Here are some of our favourite advantages:  

They are proven to work well as a team.

Historically household staff were restricted from marrying, and if they chose to do so, could lose their posting. Being unwed was seen as a sign of devotion to their household. Now though, hiring staff as a pair is very common. In fact, your employees’ devotion to each other will be of benefit to their work and their loyalty to your household. 

Couples are a team – in and out of their household duties. They have many years’ worth of experience and will combine their skills to fulfill a wide range of duties to the highest possible standards. Their partnership will mean that they will have already established an excellent working rhythm together, increasing their productivity. 

They only need one dwelling. 

A Domestic Couple will live together in one dwelling on your estate, which will save you money and space. If multiple staff were hired to fulfil each position, they would require separate lodgings. A Domestic Couple, however, will share everything. A huge advantage to households of every size. 

They are committed. 

And not just to each other. Domestic Couples typically integrate into their households seamlessly, becoming an essential part of your home. Their commitment to each other will reflect well in their posting with you too, opportunities for dual-employment are met with gratitude and employers often see long-term commitment from Domestic Couples, allowing for greater peace of mind. 

Some couples also have dependents: pets and teenage children. However, this can be advantageous as it can increase their commitment to their role, and longevity in employment, as employees with dependents are often keen to remain settled. 

Domestic Couples can come in any number of role combinations, including, but not limited to: 

  • Housekeeper/Cook and Handyman/Driver/Butler
  • Housekeeper/Nanny and Chef
  • Nanny and Butler
  • Full-time Cook and Butler
  • Housekeeper/Carer and Estate Manager/Security
  • Housekeeper/Driver and Head Gardener/Security
  • Gardener and Estate Manager/Driver

When seeking a Domestic Couple you are able to specify the skill combination that you are seeking for your household. Please contact one of our specialised consultants on +44 (0) 207-117-2443 to discuss the requirements for your home and they will be delighted to guide you through the process, and possible candidates. 


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